Brand Development & Localisation

In Myanmar and Thailand
on the cutting edge for 27 years


Press Release drafting & localisation
(English, Myanmar, Thai)
Bespoke Media List consulting (per client, per release)
Media Distribution & Relations - Media Bureau
Monitoring w/ English summaries, scans, screenshots & analysis

Round Table & Interviews
Press Conference
Launch Event - CAD Design, Construction, Menu Design-Delivery
MC, Hosts, Speakers, KOL & Influencer Management

Simultaneous/ Conference/ Consecutive Interpreting
(English, Myanmar, Thai, French, German)
Written Translations - Localisation copywriting to target

Stakeholder Interviews, Focus Groups, Quantitative Research
Graphic Design for Events & Corporate Identity
Studio/ Location Photography
Event Highlights Video & Social Media Video
Facebook Live Event

Social Media Strategy & Campaign
Media Buying (Advertising, Outdoor & ByLine)


Turnkey Brand Strategy, PR & Design Services
in Myanmar and Thailand

  • Media releases in Burmese, Thai, English (and other languages)
  • Media relations & distribution
  • Localisation & risk consulting
  • Brand strategy research & definition
  • Crisis management
  • Employee engagement
  • Design services across all media incl. ATL, retail, social media
  • Photography & videography
  • Simultaneous & consecutive translations between - Thai, Burmese, English, French (and other languages)
  • Copy writing
  • Speech writing
  • Key influencer ('KOL') & Brand ambassador search & selection, retention & management
  • Event management - bespoke
  • 3D branded environments (eg for Events)
  • (Food) Menu development and 5-Star service (incl. personnel & equipment)



We specialise in Brand Development,
Localisation & Change Management.

On the ground from the 'Big Bang' at the start of 2014, more recently from 2018, Loewe has been Managing Director of ZAGAR Communications, Yangon - the country's first PR mover. He oversaw re-branding and re-positioning of the agency :

Redefining the Media relations company's
culture, HR structure, offer, communications and profitability, admist a clear market demand for
international-standard Integrated Marketing Communications, in a decisive bid that is now being copied by the competitive field in-country at large.

Please contact the brand owners, alternatively we will be happy to discuss the challenges of the mission without breach of confidentiality, and how this may serve your organisation.


Whilst neighbouring, it is a hefty snafu to suppose that Myanmar and Thailand are somehow the same. There are few fleeting cosmetic similarities, but the fabric of societies stretched between Southeast Asian countries is so radically diverse in texture that it tends to come as an expensive shock to those familiar with the E.U., or arriving on a platform of globalisation.

Whilst Thailand has been trading independently with western nations for several hundred years, and remaining linguistically separate, Myanmar (also referred to as Burma) was under British rule until WWII, since when the country has been closed to the outside world for 70 years, until the day markets opened suddenly for business in 2014 and a massive investment bubble extruded.

Now, the lightning pace of change, and bristling oxymorons of legacy local perspective in Myanmar, are forces to be reckoned with. The country is brimming with desire to interact with the world at large on cosmpolitan terms, yet this is being done in a uniquely Myanmar style across a vast and complex array of deeply embedded attitudes, ancient practices, isolated languages and interwoven ethnicities.



A cohesive and industrialised constitutional monarchy at the heart of Southeast Asia, the expansive kingdom formerly known as Siam, has engaged independently in commerce and geopolitics with major European nations continuously for over 500 years.

During the 20th century, abundant Foreign Direct Investment and co-operation initiatives in infrastructure and manufacturing were pursued by Europe, the US, Japan and China.

An engine of sustainability, the spectacular Thai agro-economy has provided for a significantly higher standard of living than that of surrounding countries. And in stark contrast to Myanmar, which has found itself in both a historical and modern-day clinch with India, Thailand has been staunchly Sinophilic, although it shares no land borders with China.

Today, vivid plans are afoot for the kingdom to consolidate its position as a major commercial and logistics hub amid the nascent ASEAN.

Whilst the historically religiously tolerant Thailand diffuses a distinct and tangible cultural aroma to the palate of many, it also both promulgates and rejects western paradigms in multiple respects, with the GDP of certain provinces fast approaching that of EU nations such as Portugal and Greece, yet still offset by chasmic disparity between the highest and lowest socio-economic echelons.

Notwithstanding the nation’s apparent sophistication, growth-focus, fleeting slapstick veneer, and infectious sense of fun, obstacles to localisation often cited include racially motivated sentiment and isolationist legislative practice, spiralling cost of living, perennial congestion with stifling pollution, and a burgeoning homicide rate, whilst society continues to be underpinned by traditional hierarchical rigidity, perpetuating an acute sense of national robustesse, whilst impacting heavily on productivity and development.



  • Junction City Office Tower, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)


A senior change manager and branded communications specialist working across all media for 27 years, with an ongoing specialism in Myanmar and Thailand over the last 11 years :

Martin Loewe has lived and worked across the Americas, Europe, the Near East and Southeast Asia.
It may be difficult to find a brand that Martin has not been involved in managing : From WHISKAS cat food anthropomorphology, through S.PELLEGRINO mineral water worldwide launch, to MIG fighter plane employee engagement and brand architecture.

In Myanmar since 2014, Martin is a familiar face behind household names like Junction City Mall brand strategy, Red Dot payments off- and on-line ATL campaigns, FMI Air premium commuter jet customer experience launch, and TMT Ports stakeholder research and corporate identity.

Since 2018, he has localised MNC brands including BASF Chemicals, Colgate-Palmolive company, Oradian microfinance, several UN agencies, and international payment platforms,  to Myanmar, using Event Management, Branded Product Localisation, and Media Relations.


Junction City

Mega Mall - Yangon

Market research and Brand strategy work started for Junction City in 2015, and Myanmar's first mixed use commercial space opened in 2016, including retail consulting and design, corporate identity and signage systems.

Grand Royal

Distilleries - Yangon

From 2014, we commissioned Market research, radical repositioning, and extensive POS design work with Grand Royal Whisky brand owners IBTC - subsequently the portfolio was sold to ThaiBev for over US $1Bn.

Red Dot

Payment systems - Yangon

Red Dot was Myanmar's first online payments platform. Extensive Above-the-Line awareness campaigns were conducted, relying on empirically measured local cultural insight.


Speaking and reading Thai, Loewe has been active in leading high-IP Brand Strategy projects across Thailand since 2009, including :

  • ITAL-THAI Rail network - Korat
  • LUX White goods - Countrywide
  • SANSARA Residences - Hua Hin
  • DOUBLE PINE Accounting software - Bangkok
  • METAPORA Skincare - Bangkok, Phuket & Singapore

and many others ...



YANGON - 9th May 2019
AXIS Aviation Ltd.
Strategic partners Mark Turner, and Martin Loewe, were central in setting up the FMI Air premium commuter service brand experience between Myanmar's commercial capital Yangon and its administrative capital Nay Pyi Daw, in 2015.

Mark Turner is a Commercial aviation operations and customer experience leader with over 40 years' commercial airline experience.

Martin Loewe led the Corporate Identity & Brand Architecture initiative for the Russian government merger of prominent aviation constructor brands into UAC - the The United Aircraft Corporation, leading to the birth of the MC-21 and Sukhoi Superjet.

Mark was responsible for moulding the Emirates customer experience, with incisive roles subsequently at Jet Airways, and brand overhaul at Air Fiji. Currently he is also in a change management consulting role with Ryan Air based in Europe.